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Agent FAQs

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We produce regular listserv announcements to keep you up to date on price changes, policy changes, and changes to our title list. If you do not already subscribe to this, we recommend that you do so at:

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A full institutional price list can be downloaded in .csv format from our website:

The same list prices apply internationally regardless of agent or country. See below for full payment terms.

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Information on newly acquired and launched titles, leaver titles, frequency, title and other changes is available from our website:

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Agents may deduct 5% from all institutional and corporate prices quoted online. Please note that due to processing charges, this discount is not applicable if payment is made by credit or debit card.

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All orders must be pre-paid in the correct currency and including any applicable taxes:

  • USD ($) for orders delivered to USA or Canada
  • EUR (€) for orders delivered within Europe (excluding the UK)
  • GBP (£) for orders delivered elsewhere

Subscriptions will not commence until full payment is received. Oxford University Press does not issue firm invoices for fully unpaid journal subscriptions, but a ‘proforma’ invoice can be issued if a formal price quotation document is required. A full institutional price list can be downloaded in .csv format from our website here:

In the event that a subscription order is underpaid, you will be invoiced for the difference and the subscription will be placed on suspension until the balance is received.

Expand Close Payment Methods

The following methods of payment are accepted:

  • Bank transfer to:

    Barclays Bank Plc
    Oxford Group Office
    Sort code: 20-65-18}
    SWIFT code: BARC GB 22

Please quote our invoice number and subscriber number (if known) as the reference when making payment.

  • GBP (£) to account number 70299332, IBAN GB89BARC20651870299332
  • USD ($) to account number 66014600, IBAN GB27BARC20651866014600
  • EUR (€) to account number 78923655, IBAN GB16BARC20651878923655

In the interests of reducing delays for our mutual customers, our preferred payment method is bank transfer as cheques are subject to a lengthy physical delivery and bank clearance process.

Expand Close Remittance/Order Information

All remittance information (order information accompanying a payment) should be sent to        

We require all of the following information to process a subscription order:

  • Address information:
    • Billing address and contact details (email address and telephone number)
    • End-user address and contact information (physical address, email address, and telephone number)
    • Delivery address (if different to end-user address)
  • Order information:
    • Our renewal, proforma, or underpayment invoice number (if applicable)
    • Your reference/purchase order number
    • Journal title
    • Subscription type (institutional or corporate)
    • Format (online, print, or combined)
    • Subscription start and end dates
  • Payment information:
    • Payment currency
    • Total payment amount
    • Payment date
    • Bank account number paid into

Please note that end-user addresses are required for ALL ORDERS, even if delivery is made to a consolidated shipping address.

Expand Close Subscription Renewals

For calendar year subscriptions, we send 3 renewal notices in approximately September, November, and January. These are sent by email if we hold your email address, or post if not. If you are currently receiving your renewal notices by post please provide us with your email address as this will significantly speed up the transfer of information. For anytime start subscriptions we send 3 renewal notices starting 3 months before the expiry of the subscription.

If payment for renewal is not received by Oxford University Press before the expiry of the current journal subscription, the subscription will lapse. Online access (for subscriptions including an online access component) is graced for 60 days following expiry. There is no gracing for print.

Oxford University Press accepts journal renewal orders via ICEDIS ORT messaging which is an industry standard method of exchanging renewal information electronically. If you have more than 100 journal subscriptions with Oxford University Press we may be able to accept your renewal orders via this method, reducing manual processing times for both parties and delays for customers. For more detailed information on the structure and usage of this data interchange format, please see:

If you are able to implement the standards and produce renewal files confirming to the guidelines please contact us at Please note that at this time we are only able to accept renewals orders via this method, not new or transferred orders.

Expand Close Automated Reports

Oxford University Press is able to provide a number of regular, automated reports for subscription agents including:

  • A list of your full, current subscription holdings
  • A list of any proforma invoices for which we have not yet received payment
  • A list of any outstanding subscription underpayment invoices

Please contact us if you would like to be set up to receive any of these reports.

Expand Close Tax

The UK VAT number of Oxford University Press (full official title “The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford”) is GB 125506730. Please use this number for all paperwork relating to transactions with a tax point in the EU.

For tax purposes, combined (print and online) subscriptions are currently divided into a 58% print element and a 42% online element.

From 1 January 2015 the VAT rules in Europe changed. From that point, the local rate applicable in each of the 27 EU countries applies to the online element of any subscription. On the print element, non-VAT-registered customers in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden will pay tax at their local rate, while customers elsewhere in the EU will pay the UK zero rate.

OUP has sales tax registrations across the United States, therefore any relevant sales taxes will be charged appropriately.  Please provide a copy of any reseller or sales tax exemption certificate you hold.

All subscriptions in Canada are subject to GST on the print element and to GST/HST on the online element.

Expand Close Personal Rate Subscriptions

Orders for personal rate subscriptions from subscription agents or booksellers are not accepted under any circumstances. Resale of journals purchased at the personal rate is strictly prohibited. Oxford University Press reserves its right to take appropriate action to recover any losses arising from any conduct in violation of these terms.

Expand Close Delivery

All prices include standard delivery. Please allow at least 10 working days for delivery within Europe and USA and 21 working days for the rest of the world. Dispatch dates for recently published issues can be viewed here.

Expand Close Subscription Cancellation Policy

All orders are regarded as firm and subscription payments are non-refundable after the first issue has been dispatched or online access has been activated.

Expand Close Claims for online access

In most cases, a current online subscription will allow access to content from 1996 onwards (where that content exists digitally). After a subscription has expired, perpetual access will be retained for the years in which an online subscription was paid for. In order to view content before 1996, access to the Oxford Journals Digital Archive is required:

Please note that usernames and passwords for online access are not provided by Oxford University Press Journals. End-users choose their own username and password as part of the registration process. To view content online, end-users will need to activate their subscriber number. This is an 8-digit number quoted on all correspondence from us. If the subscriber number is not known, please contact us. Institutional subscribers can set up access for their users by registering IP addresses. Detailed instructions can be downloaded in PDF format here:

For further help with IP registration, please click here:

Expand Close Claims for missing print issues

If your customer has not received an issue (for which payment has been made), first check that it has been published here: Please allow at least 10 working days for delivery within Europe and USA and 21 working days for the rest of the world.

Any requests for missing or damaged print issues should be sent to where they will be handled by a dedicated claims team.

Please note that this email address is for missing, damaged, or incorrect print issues only. Any claims for online content or technical assistance will be handled by our customer service teams. Contact information can be found here:

Please note that free replacement copies will only be sent if claims are made within four months of order or date of publication, whichever is later.