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Journalists with enquiries, including requests for papers, should contact:

UK/ROW Enquiries
Chloe Foster, Press Officer, Oxford University Press
+44 (0)1865 353584

US Enquiries
US Publicity, Oxford University Press

For the Journal of the National Cancer Institute only, please contact:
JNCI Media Team (reporters only)
Telephone: +1 (0) 301-841-1285

For a complete listing of Oxford Journals contacts including our international offices, please visit our Contact Us section.

Visit the OUP News page for the latest press releases from Oxford University Press and other OUP publicity contacts.

Embargo Policy: Information for authors

If you wish to issue a press release relating to your research, it is important to note that once papers have been submitted to Oxford University Press, the content of the paper is embargoed until the time and date of publication agreed. The content of the research should not be discussed or publicized to the media before the official publication date.

We will endeavour to provide a mutually convenient publication date and time for authors, institutions or societies that wish to publicize their research. We ask that you contact the Journals Press Office to discuss a potential press release or article and also the embargo date required.

If authors have embargos on papers, for example if they are presenting their research results at a conference, we will endeavour to accommodate this in the publication process and are able to delay the publication of a paper until an embargo is lifted. Authors should include a note in the cover letter at submission, and also when returning proofs, about the embargo and the exact date and time the paper can be published.

If you require any further clarification on our embargo policy or information on publicity for your article please contact the Journals Press Office: or +44 (0)1865 353969