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Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding online access and authentication listed below.

Expand Close How does institutional online access work?

When someone attempts to use the journal, our server checks to see if the requesting computer is within the list of internet IP addresses provided by a subscribing institution. If it is, the reader will be able to use all those services enabled for institutional readers. For institutional subscribers, there are no usernames or passwords to remember, and there is currently no limit on the number of readers from your institution who may access the journal simultaneously.

Expand Close How long does online access last?

All subscriptions are entered on a calendar year basis running from January to December. See also Oxford Journals' policy on perpetual access.

Expand Close How can I get online access to a journal?

Online access is available for organisations with an online-only or print plus online 'bundle' subscription (online access can also be arranged as part of a Collection). Once you have the relevant subscription it is the responsibility of the library administrator at the subscribing organisation to register online at Oxford Journals to activate access to full text content.

Expand Close What happens if I have problems with online access?

If you experience any problems with online access, or have any other technical queries, our experienced Journals Customer Services will be pleased to assist you.

Expand Close As a librarian, do I need a username and password to access the online journals?

Individual users at institutions do not need usernames and passwords, as access is generally arranged by authorised IP addresses. As a library administrator you will need your username and password to update your registration account details and access your usage statistics.

Expand Close Can I change my username and password?

You cannot change your username but change your password by going to Online Registration. You will need your current username and password to access your account, then select 'Edit' next to your Account Details. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Services team.

Expand Close Can I pass my username and password onto my library users to use for access?

No. These details are for the use of the library administrator only. Registration for institutional users is authenticated via IP access and in these cases it is not possible to provide an additional username and password to be shared with library users.

Expand Close What should I do if I have lost or forgotten my username and password?

We have a forgotten username and password facility on our help page. To obtain your password via e-mail you will asked to enter either your username or your subscription number. If you can't remember your subscription number or username, or if your email address is likely to have changed since you first registered, please contact Journals Customer Services.

Expand Close I am a librarian and I need to change the IP address details that Oxford Journals have registered for my institution. What should I do?

You can amend your IP address details using your library administration account. Go to the Online Registration screen and enter your username and password. You will be taken to a 'Details and Subscriptions' screen. To amend your IP details select 'Institutional Details Edit' and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have forgotten your username or password see our Help page or contact Journals Customer Services quoting your subscriber number(s).

Expand Close Why do I have to register under more than one subscriber number for my institutional access?

If all of your titles are being mailed to the same address, we have duplicate address details for you. Please contact us quoting all subscriber numbers and we will consolidate them into one.

It may be that you have more than one delivery address (some of your titles may be mailed to you direct from us and some via a subscription agents consolidation service) in this case we regret that we are not able to consolidate the subscriptions onto one subscriber number, however it is now possible to move all of your subscriber numbers to one library administrator online account. Please contact Journals Customer Services quoting your subscriber numbers and let us know which username and password account you would like to use.

It may be that you have more than one delivery address because your institution covers more than one site. In this case a separate site licence is required for each site and you need to register separately for each site licence. See the Institutional Site Licence for more details.

Expand Close When I enter my username and password I receive a message saying that it is invalid. Why?

Both username and password are case sensitive. Be sure that you are entering them correctly. If you would like to have them verified go to our special help facility. Enter your subscriber number and your username and password will be emailed to you. If your email address is likely to have changed since you first registered, please contact Journals Customer Services quoting your subscriber number and new email address, and we will send them to you.

Expand Close My institution has a subscription to an Oxford Journal, and access to the web site, but I'm not able to see the full text of articles. I'm prompted for a username and password. Why is this happening?

When this happens, the IP address for your machine is not being recognized by our computer. This failure is caused by one of three things:

Your institutional subscription has not yet been activated.

The person who "activated" the online subscription did not enter in all needed IP addresses for your institution.

The person who "activated" the online subscription does not realize that some subnets of your institution are routed through a proxy server.

You should talk to your librarian, and let them know you are having problems.

Expand Close What do I do if I don't know my subscriber number?

This is an 8 or 12 digit number which is sent with your order confirmation letter, or it can be found at the top of your address label if receiving a print subscription. If you do not have a label, please contact the Journals Customer Services quoting your full delivery address and title/s that you subscribe to. We will then email you with your subscriber number.

Expand Close Is the e-version of a journal identical to the print version?

On the whole, print and online versions of Oxford Journals are identical, except for those journals whose full-text does not appear online. However there are a few occasions where print content is not translated into online content, such as print advertising. There are also a few examples of supplementary material for articles, or special issues, that appear online and not in print. For more information on your journal of interest, please visit the specific journal homepages.

Expand Close Are print and online journal issues published at the same time?

For Oxford Journals that have full-text articles online, in all cases the online issues are published before or at the same time as the print. However, there are several titles that offer 'Publish Ahead of Print' or 'Continuous Publication' services, which result in journal articles appearing online several weeks ahead of print. Details of such services are available at the relevant Oxford Journal homepages.

Expand Close What is Athens?

Athens is the name of the service used to authenticate and authorise users for access to online services from around the world. There are now two major national Athens services in operation; one for UK education community and another for NHS sector.

Using Athens can provide your users with access to a large number of different databases with a single username and password. It also allows your users to access your organization's online subscriptions even when they are outside the institution's normal IP range. This means that they get remote access to your library's journals when they are not on site.

For more information on Athens authentication please contact EduServ.

Expand Close Can we use Athens authentication to access Oxford Journals content?

Yes, Athens authentication is now available in the Oxford Journals service. Access to our content via Athens is also available via a number of gateways that also offer this feature, including SwetsWise, EBSCO Electronic Journals and Ingenta. Please contact your preferred provider for further information.

Expand Close How can I set-up Athens access with Oxford Journals Online?

If your institution has been set up as an Athens or Athens Devolved Authentication (AthensDA) organization then it will have been assigned a numeric identifier, with up to seven digits. If your institution does not have an Athens identifier, you will need to register as an Athens organization with Eduserv.

Your library administrator or company representative can activate Athens access by visiting My Account and entering your institutional Athens ID. We will send out a confirmation once Athens is available for use on the Oxford Journals service.

Expand Close Can I register more than one Athens ID against my subscription?

Access by Athens IDs must be registered with Oxford Journals in accordance with our institutional license. This means that only one ID should be registered against a subscription unless a multi-site or consortia license has been agreed with Oxford Journals. If you do have a license allowing multi-ID access please contact Journals Customer service providing details of your Oxford Journals subscription number(s), Athens ID(s) and the mailing address of the sites covered.

Expand Close How will my library users login with their Athens username and password?

If you are an Athens registered organization and you have activated your Athens ID for use in Oxford Journals, your library users will now be able to access full text using their Athens username and password. When accessing Oxford Journals from outside your organization's IP range, your users will be asked to enter their username and password when they try to view full text content. They will only need to enter their username and password once during each session.

Expand Close What is Shibboleth?

Shibboleth is a Federated Access Management system in use by a number of institutions. Further information can be found on the Shibboleth for Librarians page.