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Perpetual Access & Preservation

Find out more about OUP's perpetual access and preservation policies.

Expand Close What backfiles are available?

With most Oxford Journals, content from 1996 onwards is available with a current subscription and earlier content is available via our Online Archives.

The BJA: British Journal of Anaesthesia is an exception to this as content from 1995 onwards is available with a current subscription and pre-1995 content is available via the Medicine Archive.

Expand Close What happens to backfile access once my current license agreement expires?

You may continue to have access to those issues from the agreed list of Oxford Journals that were newly published during the license period in question.

Expand Close What is OUP's position on perpetual access?

As an organisation that has been in existence for over 500 years, we are naturally committed to satisfying ourselves that any venture we undertake has long term survival built in. As such, OUP is participating in a number of archiving projects, including the Andrew W Mellon Foundation's e-journal archiving program, and Stanford University's LOCKSS and Dark Cave projects.

Currently OUP has made a commitment to enable our institutional subscribers to have perpetual access to journal content that they subscribe to, or have previously subscribed to. Customers may obtain ongoing access to their subscription on the OUP web site, or alternatively they should refer to their agent for information regarding access via their preferred gateway. However, should we no longer retain the rights to publish that content (for example, if a journal changes publisher) currently we cannot guarantee continued access to that journal but would make all reasonable efforts to negotiate such rights with the new publisher. This is a recognised problem across the industry that many publishers are working to find a solution for.

See also the Frequently Asked Questions for the Oxford Journals Online Archives.

Expand Close What preservation arrangements do OUP have to ensure content is available for the long-term?

Oxford Journals has signed a key archiving agreement with Portico, an electronic archiving service launched in 2005 with funding from JSTOR, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Ithaka, and The Library of Congress. The agreement assures robust long-term preservation and ongoing access to Oxford Journals electronic content.

Read more here.

Expand Close How do I get access to my lapsed subscriptions?

Your users will continue to obtain access to the full text PDF for those volumes to which a subscription was held and activated online. HTML full text is not available for lapsed subscriptions.

If you wish to obtain access to a lapsed online subscription, or you are having trouble accessing a past issue of another title to which you think you held an online subscription, please contact Journals Customer Services.

Expand Close If our subscription expires and at some later date we reinstate our subscription, will we have access to all years of the electronic version?

When you buy a subscription to the journal, you will have access to all content on the database from 1996 onwards. However, please note that previous usage statistics will be lost.