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What is People also read… [beta]?

The Oxford Journals website ‘People also read…’ feature creates a list of recommended reading, pointing you to content we think you'll find interesting on all abstract; full text and PDF pages. This list of suggested articles will appear in column 2 of selected journal websites.

Recommendations are based on what other readers of the paper you’re currently reading have also read on the Oxford Journals website.

How can I find more information about the recommended article?

When hovering over the recommended article, you'll get an overview of the journal in which the recommended article was published, publication date and list of authors.

Why is this feature in beta?

This feature is being previewed on selected journal websites and we welcome your opinion on the relevancy of the articles being recommended. You can submit your vote by using the poll and answering the question ‘Did you find these recommended articles relevant?’ by selecting either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ then click ‘Vote’ to submit your answer.

How does People also read… work?

Based on what other users have read, the recommendation service uses patterns of behaviour to suggest additional content you might like.

The service also recommends articles from other journals, when applicable.

Note: If you do not have a subscription to the journal, you will have access to the abstract and have the opportunity to purchase the article.

How do I start using People also read…?

There's nothing to set up or install — People also read…? is an active part of selected journals websites. New recommendations will appear as the reading history of an article increases.

Where do recommendations appear?

When hovering over the recommended article, you'll get an overview of the journal in which the recommended article was published, publication date and list of authors.

How can I hide the list of recommended articles?

On article pages, you can hide the list of recommendations at any time by clicking the minus sign (-) before the title People also read…[beta], this will collapse the list of recommended articles. If you wish to show the list articles afterwards, expand the list by clicking (+).

Why do I see only a few recommendations?

Recommendations are only displayed when relevant articles are found.

Why is the service recommending articles that are not relevant to my interests?

There are several reasons why this may happen:
1. The service recommends articles based on patterns of behaviour from individual pc’s. A ‘user’ could therefore be a shared library computer.
2. The recommendation service has been observing user behaviour for approximately 6 months. The higher the level of activity on a paper, the more accurate the recommended articles being returned.
3. Archive content with limited usage may not establish a consistent pattern of user behaviour to return relevant recommended articles.

I'm concerned about privacy. Does the recommendation service track what I do on this website?

The Oxford Journals website does make use of reading history, but only in order to make accurate suggestions for content we think readers may be interested in. We do not share your reading history or trends with other users or other sites. Oxford Journals fully complies with the Oxford University Press Privacy Policy

Can I can recommend related article content to other users directly, or can they recommend content to me?

You can recommend content via the ‘Share’ feature in column 2 on any article page.

Can I get recommendations on my mobile device?

Recommendations are not currently available on the mobile version of journal websites.

Where can I send feedback on Oxford Journals recommendation service?

We welcome your feedback and comments. Please submit your vote and comment via the poll below the list of recommended articles.