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What are Oxford Young Journals?

Every year, Oxford University Press (OUP) receives dozens of proposals for new launch journals. We only take on a small fraction of these – the ones we believe are best quality and fill an important, unmet need within their field. Nevertheless, in the current serials climate, building a viable subscriber base for a new journal to sustain itself is challenging.

From 2016, we are trialling a special discount for Collection customers on Oxford Young Journals, eleven titles launched since 2012 and until now were only available at full list price to Collection customers.

If you are a Collection customer, you can subscribe to any or all of the titles on the list for 2016 at a 50% discount on online only list price. This offer is for online only subscriptions.

Why are these young journals different?

Our consultations with librarians show that taking on subscriptions to new titles is often difficult.  However adding these young journals to the Oxford Journals Collection prematurely means they will not be viable in the longer term, therefore the young journals will not be added to the Journals Collection until a sustainable subscriber base has been established.

OUP has actively pursued solutions that will allow our collection customers to provide their patrons with the resources they need, whilst making it feasible for important new launches to become sustainable.

By subscribing to a relevant Oxford Young Journal for your institution not only are you providing your users with the content they need, you are also helping support important new research and the continued publication of that research to an audience worldwide.

Please explore the full selection below and if interested in subscribing contact your local sales representative or contact us centrally here.

Journal of Professions and Organization

Chinese Journal of Comparative Law

London Review of International Law

Journal of Antitrust Enforcement

Migration Studies

Journal of Complex Networks

Oxford Journal of Law and Religion

Information and Inference: A Journal of the IMA

Journal of Financial Regulation

Global Summitry

Neuro-Oncology Practice