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Early Modern Articles from OUP

At OUP, we adore history.  After all, we’re over 400 years old.  At the moment, we’re keen on the early modern period. Check out this sample of journal articles, and then take a moment to browse our other journals that cover the early modern period.


Environmental History

Ecologies of Beef: Eighteenth-Century Epizootics and the Environmental History of Early Modern Europe

Karl Appuhn


European Review of Economic History

Gilding golden ages: perspectives from early modern Antwerp on the guild debate, c. 1450 – c. 1650

Bert De Munck


French History

Catholic liturgy and the making of early modern French identity

Katharine J. Lualdi


FORUM for Modern Language Studies

Imagining an Early Modern Matria? The Representation of Age in Zayas and Carvajal

Eavan O'Brien


German History

Forum: Globalizing Early Modern German History

Renate Dürr, Ronnie Hsia, Carina Johnson, Ulrike Strasser, and Merry Wiesner-Hanks


Full Cups, Full Coffers: Tax Strategies and Consumer Culture in the Early Modern German Cities

B. Ann Tlusty


‘To his Most Learned and Dearest Friend’1: Reading Luther's Letters

Lyndal Roper


Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

Expanding Women's Rural Medical Work in Early Modern Brittany: The Daughters of the Holy Spirit

Tim McHugh


Leo Baeck Institute Year Book

The Architectural Origins of the Great Early Modern Urban Synagogue

Barry Stiefel


Music & Letters

Comparative Organography in Early Modern Empires

David R. M. Irving


Review of English Studies

‘Mayn’t a Spectator write a Comedy?’ Playwriting Playgoers in Early Modern Drama

Matteo Pangallo


Tree-Felling in Early Modern England: Michael Drayton's Environmentalism

Andrew McRae


Narrative and Persuasion in Early Modern English Dictionaries and Phrasebooks

John Considine


Social History of Medicine

Roy Porter Student Prize Essay • Boils, Pushes and Wheals: Reading Bumps on the Body in Early Modern England

Olivia Weisser


Journal of Design History

‘Pots and Pans History’: The Material Culture of the Kitchen in Early Modern England

Sara Pennell


Protestant Pots: Morality and Social Ritual in the Early Modern Home

Andrew Morrall


Journal of the History of Collections

La mémoire des choses passées: Florimond Robertet, Charles de Rostaing, Henri Chesneau and the place of social narratives in French early modern noble collections
Antonio Urquízar Herrera


A dragon tree in the Garden of Eden: A case study of the mobility of objects and their images in early modern Europe
Peter Mason


Introduction: Captured objects: Inventories of early modern collections

Jessica Keating and Lia Markey


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