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Not only are Hinduism and Islam two of the largest religions in the world, but both are rich in culture and history. Enjoy these articles from Journal of Hindu Studies and Journal of Islamic Studies highlighting Hindu-Muslim relations and interactions throughout history.

These articles are freely available until 30th June 2016.

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Journal of Hindu Studies

Telling Stories: Hindu–Muslim Worship in South India
Afsar Mohammad

Religion in the Subjunctive: Vaiṣṇava Narrative, Sufi Counter-Narrative in Early Modern Bengal
Tony K. Stewart

When a Sufi tells about Krishna’s Doom: The Case of Kanhāvat (1540?)
Heidi Pauwels


Journal of Islamic Studies

Temple Desecration and Indo-Muslim States
Richard M. Eaton

Sajarah Leluhur: Hindu Cosmology and the Construction of Javanese Muslim Genealogical Authority
R. Kevin Jaques

The Mughal Empire in the Bengali Literary Tradition
Tapan Raychaudhuri



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