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US Economics Virtual Issues 2016

“At its most basic level, economic development is the process through which a community creates material wealth and uses it to improve the well-being of its members” – Marcelo M. Giugale, Economic Development: What Everyone Needs to Know

In the 2015 edition of the Global Monitoring Report the World Bank and International Monetary Fund estimated that 9.6% of the world’s population was living on $1.90 or less a day. When compared to the 2012 projection of 12.8%, there is a degree of optimism among some development economists that this generation can end extreme poverty. This online collection of articles, books and reference works seeks to reflect the latest research and policy within the broad field of development economics in an effort to further the understanding of this collective goal of poverty eradication and more fully comprehend the complexity of the problems and potential solutions faced by the developing world. The selections below touch upon the themes of agriculture, education, healthcare, finance, labour, gender, the role of government and more from a varied range of geographies and perspectives.  


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Oxford Handbooks Online

Democratic Decentralization and Economic Development

Post-Keynesian Perspectives on Economic Development and Growth

African Growth Strategies: The Past, Present, and Future

Finance and Economic Development: The Role of Government

Legal Institutions and Economic Development

Battles Half Won: Political Economy of India's Growth and Economic Policy Since Independence

Shifting Paradigms in Latin America's Economic Development




American Journal of Agricultural Economics   Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy
Rising Food Prices, Food Price Volatility, and Social Unrest
Marc F. Bellemare

Income and the Environment in Rural India: Is There a Poverty Trap? 
Haimanti Bhattacharya and Robert Innes

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  Food Price Shocks and the Political Economy of Global Agricultural and Development Policy
Andrea Guariso, Mara P. Squicciarini and Johan Swinnen
Community Development Journal   Cambridge Journal of Economics

Situating the eco-social economy: conservation initiatives and environmental organizations as catalysts for social and economic development
Nathan James Bennett and Raynald Harvey Lemelin


  The state advances, the private sector retreats? Firm effects of China’s great stimulus programme
Anders C. Johansson and Xunan Feng


European Review of Agricultural Economics   Journal of African Economies
Agricultural extension in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo: does gender matter?
Isabel Lambrecht, Bernard Vanlauwe and Miet Maertens

Fiscal Policy and Civil Conflict in Africa
Alvaro Aguirre

Heterogeneous Aid Effects on Tax Revenues: Accounting for Government Stability in WAEMU Countries
Hermann D. Yohou, Michaël Goujon and Wautabouna Ouattara

Formal Insurance and the Dynamics of Social Capital: Experimental Evidence from Uganda
Francesco Cecchi, Jan Duchoslav and Erwin Bulte

Revisiting the Link Between Political and Financial Crises in Africa
Sara Bertin, Steve Ohana and Vanessa Strauss-Kahn


Oxford Economic Papers   Oxford Review of Economic Policy

Seasonality in local food markets and consumption: evidence from Tanzania
Jonathan Kaminski, Luc Christiaensen and Christopher L. Gilbert

Food imports, international prices, and violence in Africa
Stijn van Weezel

Measuring progress towards universal health coverage: with an application to 24 developing countries
Adam Wagstaff, Daniel Cotlear, Patrick Hoang-Vu Eozenou, and Leander R. Buisman

Managing food price volatility in a large open country: the case of wheat in India
Christophe Gouel, Madhur Gautam and Will J. Martin


  Financing for development: editors’ introduction
Christopher Adam, Ugo Panizza, Andrea Presbitero and David Vines

Financing infrastructure in developing countries
Antonio Estache, Tomas Serebrisky and Liam Wren-Lewis

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The Quarterly Journal of Economics   The Review of Economic Studies

Lights, Camera … Income! Illuminating the National Accounts-Household Surveys Debate
Maxim Pinkovskiy and Xavier Sala-i-Martin

Human Capital and Industrialization: Evidence from the Age of Enlightenment
Mara P. Squicciarini and Nico Voigtländer

HIV/AIDS-related Expectations and Risky Sexual Behaviour in Malawi
Adeline Delavande and Hans-Peter Kohler

The Impact of Competition on Management Quality: Evidence from Public Hospitals
Nicholas Bloom, Carol Propper, Stephan Seiler, and John Van Reenen


  Climate and the Emergence of Global Income Differences
Thomas Barnebeck Andersen, Carl-Johan Dalgaard, and Pablo Selaya
The World Bank Research Observer   The World Bank Economic Review
Decentralization of Health and Education in Developing Countries: A Quality-adjusted Review of the Empirical Literature
Anila Channa and Jean-Paul Faguet

The Price Is Not Always Right: On the Impacts of Commodity Prices on Households (and Countries)
Daniel Lederman and Guido Porto

Growing through Cities in Developing Countries
Gilles Duranton
  Courting Economic Development
James R. Brown, J. Anthony Cookson and Rawley Z. Heimer

The Short-Run Impact of Import Bans on Poverty: The case of Nigeria (2008–2012)
Andrew Dabalen and Nga Thi Viet Nguyen

Should Human Rights Law Play a Role in Development?
Eric A. Posner