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Oxford University Press announces the relaunch of American Journal of Legal History

Oxford University Press (OUP) today announces the relaunch of American Journal of Legal History (AJLH). OUP has acquired AJLH from Temple University Beasley School of Law, and from the start of 2016 will be working with a new editorial team led by Professor Stefan Vogenauer (Max Planck Institute for European Legal History, Frankfurt) and Professor Alfred Brophy (University of North Carolina School of Law, Chapel Hill).

Professor Brophy, speaking on behalf of the editors, said, “Legal history is one of the most exciting and energetic fields in the social sciences and we're looking forward to publishing the best scholarship from distinguished senior scholars as well as the most promising newer and emerging scholars from around the globe”.

“Our international editorial board reflects the breadth of the field and how it is going in so many exciting directions, all at once. Given the vitality of the field of legal history, it is important to have multiple, strong publication outlets for scholarship.  We are looking forward to our authors in AJLH pushing the field forward in many exciting ways, in terms of subject matter and methodologies”.

Rhodri Jackson, Senior Publisher, Law Journals at OUP said, “From the first conversations we had with Temple, we’ve been excited by the prospects for the AJLH. The journal has a long, proud history, but we all recognised that it needed a thorough refit and to review the current needs of the wider community of scholars interested in legal history.  We’re confident that the outstanding new editors, in combination with OUP’s strength in legal publishing, will ensure that the AJLH is well-prepared to lead on the future of legal history scholarship. The AJLH complements OUP’s existing journals in law and history, and our monograph publishing in these areas. OUP would like to thank Temple University for their clear commitment to providing for the future success of the journal and their unwavering support in planning for the transition to OUP. ”.

The AJLH’s website is now live at, and the first OUP produced issue will be publishing in early 2016.