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My Account For Societies - Help

Note: Go straight to Step Three if you have previously registered a society administrator's account with Oxford Journals.

Step one - Register for an Oxford Journals Account
You will need to choose a username and password by registering an account with Oxford Journals

Step two - Apply for society administrator access rights
Once registered, your account must be activated to allow society administrator access rights. To do this you will need to give your username to your editor at Oxford Journals who will set up your access rights and give you details of the reports and forms which will be available to you.

Step three - Go the society administrator page
Once granted your administrator access rights, you will be able to access your society page at any time. Go to the Login to My Account for Societies and, if you are not already logged in, enter your username and password when prompted. You will be displayed your society's page.

Step four - Downloading reports
Click on the report you wish to download. You will be asked to open this immediately or to save locally. Once saved locally you can edit and print the report as you require.

Step five - Submitting a request for change
If you wish to submit a request to change the details of your membership list held at Oxford Journals then click on the appropriate form and fill in the fields. The submit button will send your request direct to Oxford Journals and your form will be processed within 24 hours.

For further information about MyAccount for Societies services contact the OUP editor responsible for your journal.