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Licence options

What does my licence allow?

An institutional site licence must be agreed to (or signed in the case of consortia licences) when you purchase a subscription to any of our online journals and before you can activate online access.

Institutions may purchase online access to individual Oxford Journals titles for single site or multi-site access. Options to purchase our whole collection or a subject-based cluster are also available.

Your licence outlines how and from where your library users can access our online content.

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Do's and Don'ts


For the purposes of research, teaching and
private study ONLY, authorized users may:

  • electronically save portions of the licensed material. For reference purposes, 5% of a journal issue would be considered to be an acceptable ‘portion’
  • print out a single copy of a portion of the
    licensed materials
  • for users based within a subscribing pharmaceutical company, a print or electronic copy of the licensed material may be provided for use in national or international regulatory authority submissions


  • amend or remove any of the copyright information visible on the licensed content
  • systematically make printed or electronic copies of multiple portions of the licensed content for any purpose
  • display or distribute the licensed material on any other electronic network except for the secure network of the subscribing institution
  • allow anyone else except authorized users to access the licensed content
  • use the licensed content for any commercial purpose without permission from the publisher

The institutional site licence agreement is available here.

When and how do I sign the licence?

You are asked to approve the online licence form when you register for My Account

What licences are available?

1. Institutional site licence - title level

The institutional site licence entitles authorized users at your institution to 24-hour access to all Oxford Journals to which your institution currently subscribes. Access is limited to a single site only. Site-wide access is via your institution’s secure network, but remote access can also be arranged for valid IP addresses accessing your network with a modem link, or via a proxy service.

2. Institutional site licence – collection level

Organisations may contact us for a quote to subscribe to the Oxford Journals Collection as a discounted bundle. If you wish to discuss options for online packages, please contact our Library Sales Department.

3. Multi-site licence

Organizations with subscriptions to the value of £3200 ($5000) or more may contact us for a quote to extend access to their titles across additional sites. If you need a multi-site licence, or wish to discuss options for online packages or consortia purchasing, please contact our Library Sales Department.

4. Consortia licence

Consortia sales agreements are individually
negotiated by our sales managers and these licences require a signature.

For more information please contact our Library Sales Department or visit