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OpenURL for Librarians

Oxford Journals online allows insitutional account administrators to activate reference links which direct the institution's users to their local link resolver.

N.B. You will need the username and password for your institution's subscriptions in order to activate your OpenURL links. If you do not know these, you can ask our Customer Services department for help via the Contact Us link at the top of any page.

How to activate OpenURL-enabled reference links

If you are an institutional administrator, sign in to your My Account page. A link to My Account is at the top right of every page.

In your My Account Services list, choose View or change your OpenURL settings.

My Account screen shot

On the OpenURL settings page, add details of the following:

OpenURL Server URL: This is the URL of your institution's OpenURL link server. Usually this will end with a '?'.

OpenURL Link Text, OpenURL Button: OpenURL links are displayed either as text between square brackets or as a graphic which can be uploaded or changed by following the 'Browse' link.

Example details are shown in the screenshot below.

OpenURL settings page

Click 'Send Update'. You will receive confirmation that the changes have been made. OpenURL-enabled links will appear in reference lists as in the screenshot below.

OpenURL links in content

Try out the [OpenURL] link below:

Baron JC, Chetelat G, Desgranges B, Perchey G, Landeau B, de la Sayette V, et al. In vivo mapping of gray matter loss with voxel-based morphometry in mild Alzheimer's disease. Neuroimage (2001) 14:298–309. [CrossRef] [ISI] [Medline] [OpenURL]


  • OpenURL links are currently displayed for selected journal references. Because OUP offers free access to the full text of other Oxford- and HighWire-hosted journal articles, OpenURL links are not displayed if there is a "Free Full Text" reference link.
  • Future releases will include functionality to display OpenURL links for a wider range of references (for example, books) as well as additional metadata fields in OpenURL-encoded links (e.g. issue values).
  • Outbound OpenURL links are Z39.88-2004/OpenURL 1.0-compliant.
  • Further technical information for account administrators and website developers covering topics such as linking algorithms, RSS feeds, OAI-PMH, and more is available in the Technical Information area.