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We understand that it is important to promote the availability of your resources to your library users. You are welcome to download and use any of the materials below. If you have suggestions for any other training and promotion materials, or you would like us to send you copies of any of the materials please contact journals marketing.

Posters and Leaflets
Training Materials

Posters and Leaflets

Oxford Journals promotional library poster [PDF 385 KB]
Nucleic Acids Research – Institutional Membership Poster [PDF 1MB]
Oxford Journals Collections – Quality & Value brochure [PDF 864 KB]
Law – Colour Poster [PDF 1.94 MB], B&W Poster [PDF 959 KB]
Mathematics and Physical Sciences – Colour Poster [PDF 2.7 MB], B&W Poster[PDF 835 KB]
Life Sciences – Colour Poster[PDF 1.33 MB], B&W Poster[PDF 428 KB]
Humanities Colour Poster[PDF 822 KB], B&W Poster[PDF 384 KB]
Social Sciences – Colour Poster[PDF 1.58 MB], B&W Poster[PDF 708 KB]
Medicine – Colour Poster[PDF 1.30 MB], B&W Poster[PDF 617 KB]

Training materials

Content pending will include PowerPoint demos and PDF docs.