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Journal management and development

Supporting your journal development
Our approach to journal management and development is comprehensive and customized to meet each society’s needs. We believe in open and transparent reporting and provide regular reports that cover:
• production information and schedules,
• sales reports,
• online usage statistics,
• content analysis,
• feedback/results from marketing initiatives,
• citation information,
• reports on bulk reprint sales or supplements.

We develop trust and mutual understanding with our society partners through open discussions of each journal’s development and progress. We work closely with our society partners to establish clear objectives for each journal and work together to implement a plan to meet these.

Editorial office support
We can offer support and advice on a number of online submissions and peer review systems, including but not limited to ScholarOne and Editorial Manager.

Virtual Editorial Office
Our Virtual Editorial Office (VEO) comprises a team of freelance editorial assistants managed centrally by Oxford Journals. An assistant is assigned to each title, so that he or she can become familiar with the operations of that journal. The primary aim of the VEO is to relieve editors of the administration of the journal, thereby enabling them to focus on their editorial responsibilities. It also can enable a smooth transition between outgoing and incoming editors. At present, 36 of the journals on the Oxford Journals list use the VEO.

Oxford Journals Days
We facilitate meetings between members of our partner societies, editors, and Oxford University Press staff. Our regular Oxford Journals ‘open days’ in the UK, US, and Asia encourage discussion of the key issues affecting journals publishing through a programme of topical presentations and workshops.

Partner Resources
The password-protected Partner Resources area aims to help editorial offices develop best practices for peer review, publication ethics, open access, and other topics. It contains documents on a range of subjects written by Oxford Journals staff, as well as support pages, training options, a collection of useful links, and Oxford Journals Day presentations.