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Sales and Marketing

Partnering with Oxford Journals guarantees the highest level of sales and marketing for your journal to ensure unparalleled global reach, usage, and visibility.

Marketing strategy
At Oxford Journals, we understand that not all journals have the same requirements. You could be looking to penetrate new markets, or maximize current ones. Perhaps you would like to grow your membership base, target a new market sector, or encourage papers from key authors in a particularly hot research area.

To address these diverse needs, we focus our approach on understanding the unique objectives of your journal, then putting into place strategic, customized marketing plans to support its development. Our teams harness the full suite of marketing tools, including:
• email and web marketing,
• conference displays,
• direct mail outreach,
• publicity campaigns,
• telemarketing.

Sales support
Whatever your requirements, our experienced sales teams will work with you to ensure your journal reaches its full potential. We achieve this through a multi-channel sales approach that comprises:
Consortia and rights: with online journals increasingly being purchased through consortia licenses involving groups of libraries, our dedicated team can ensure maximum dissemination and revenue.
Advertising: we have an outstanding track record for increasing advertising sales for our journals.
Special sales: non-subscription revenues are increasingly important to journals, and it is our priority to maximize the revenue from reprints, supplements, translations, and bulk subscriptions.

Global reach
An in-depth understanding of the global markets in which we operate informs everything we do. Our experienced teams across the world pool market intelligence to understand and meet the needs of each specific market and inform our sales and marketing efforts on a global scale.