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Site Licence Agreements

Individual User Agreement

Personal subscribers please read and agree to the terms of this license before registering for access to your subscription.

Individual User Agreement [PDF File, 17kb]

Institutional Site Licence Agreement

Institutions with a print and online subscription, or an online-only subscription to an Oxford Journal are entitled to:

  • IP registered access across a single site
  • Access to full-text in HTML (where available) and PDF - current contents, plus available online back issues
  • COUNTER compliant usage statistics
  • Remote access allowed via secure proxy
  • Inter-library loan -For academic and not-for-profit institutions see License Clause 2.4 for full details
  • Archival access to paid-for content

In most cases, Oxford Journals define a site as being within one metropolitan boundary i.e. within a city. So if all your institution's buildings are within one city, you need to agree to our Institutional Site License Agreement below:

Institutional Site Licence Agreement [PDF file, 18kb]

If you need a multi-site license, or wish to discuss options for online packages or consortia purchasing, please contact our Library Sales Department via email or telephone: +44 (0)1865 353584