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Oxford University Press to publish ILAR Journal with the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research

14 February 2013

Oxford University Press is pleased to announce its new partnership with the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (ILAR). Beginning in 2013, OUP and ILAR will be working together to publish ILAR Journal, a peer-reviewed, theme-oriented publication that provides timely information for all who use, care for, and oversee the use of animals in research. A top 10 journal in its field with a 2.33 2011 Impact Factor, ILAR Journal publishes selective original articles written by leading experts in the field that review research to promote the high-quality, humane care and use of animals and the appropriate consideration and use of alternatives.

Niko Pfund, President of Oxford University Press, USA, voices the Press’ enthusiasm by saying “Oxford University Press is delighted to be partnering with the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research for the publication of its esteemed journal. An invaluable resource for researchers, veterinarians, and administrators, and one of the leading journals in veterinary science, ILAR Journal has been influencing public policy and research practice on the issue of animal research for over half a century, and OUP is looking forward to helping further its influence in the years ahead.”

As a component of the National Academy of Sciences’ Division on Earth and Life Studies, ILAR has served as an independent advisor to the federal government, the biomedical research community, and the public since 1952. Through ILAR Journal, expert committee reports, workshops, presentations, and other fora, ILAR identifies and disseminates practices for improved animal welfare and evaluates and encourages the development and validation of non-animal alternatives in research and testing.

Floyd Bloom, the Chairman of the ILAR Council states that “Because ILAR’s and OUP’s goals and standards are highly convergent, it was an easy decision to choose them as publisher of the ILAR Journal. OUP maintains very high standards when evaluating new titles for publication, emphasizing quality and whether a particular publication supports the aims of furthering education and disseminating knowledge. In the long run, this new partnership will be of great benefit to both the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research and the Oxford University Press. I am sure that the new partnership will result in a stronger and more impactful ILAR Journal for the coming years.”

ILAR Journal will publish 3 times a year from Spring 2013.

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