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The Milky Way’s tilted dark matter halo

1 November 2013

On the OUPblog, Victor P. Debattista discusses the latest research on the Milky Way:

"The gravity of the Milky Way Galaxy is tearing the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy apart. Stars ripped out of the tiny galaxy have ended up in a stream, which wraps around our own much heavier galaxy. For over a decade astronomers have been trying to use the distances and speeds of stars in this stream to measure and model the shape of the Milky Way’s dark matter distribution — its dark matter halo."

Victor P. Debattista is the author of the paper 'What’s up in the Milky Way? The orientation of the disc relative to the triaxial halo', published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS).

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