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Advisory & Editorial Boards

Chief Editor


J. Hall Cushman
Sonoma State University, USA (bio, webpage)

Editorial Office


Gail Rice
Managing Editor (bio)
San Diego, California, USA


Joanne Ferrier
Deputy Managing Editor (bio)
St Andrews, Scotland, UK

Eva Gooding

Eva Gooding
Production Editor (bio)
Oxford, UK

Advisory Board


David Ackerly
University of California – Berkeley, USA (webpage)

Editor, New Phytologist


Christian Körner
University of Basel, Switzerland (webpage)

Former Chief Editor, Frontiers in Functional Plant Ecology;
Former Editor-in-Chief, Oecologia


David M. Richardson
University of Stellenbosch, South Africa (webpage)

Former Editor-in-Chief, Diversity & Distributions


Sue Silver
Ecological Society of America

Editor-in-Chief, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment


Daniel Simberloff
University of Tennessee, USA (webpage)

Editor-in-Chief, Biological Invasions

Associate Editors


W. Scott Armbruster
University of Portsmouth, UK (webpage)

Evolutionary ecology; phylogenetic comparative methods; evolution of plant–animal interactions; pollination ecology; genetics and evolution of floral function


Brian Atwell
Macquarie University, Australia (webpage)

Environmental physiology; mechanisms of growth in primary tissues; responses to abiotic stresses


Karina Boege
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico (webpage)

Evolutionary ecology; dynamics of natural selection in multispecies assemblages; herbivory, pollination and competition; plant development; ontogenetic changes in plant defense; evolutionary ecology of phenotypic integration


Adrian C. Brennan
University of Durham, UK (webpage)

Molecular and quantitative genetics of hybridization and invasiveness; ecological and quantitative genetics of adaptation and speciation; population genetics and evolution of reproductive systems


Tim J. Brodribb
University of Tasmania, Australia (webpage)

Ecology and evolution of physiological processes; variation in water management strategies, from transport to transpiration, among major plant groups; water stress and distributional limits of species


Tom Buckley
University of Sydney, Australia (webpage)

Ecophysiology; environmental and evolutionary biophysics; water transport; carbon–water balance; optimization- and process-based modeling of gas exchange and growth


Jean H. Burns
Case Western Reserve University, USA (webpage)

Population and community ecology; biological invasions; plant-soil feedbacks; influence of phylogenetic history, dispersal, and demography on community assembly


James F. Cahill
University of Alberta, Canada (webpage)

Community ecology; plant competition; plant behavioral ecology; above- and below-ground interactions; plant–pollinator, plant–fungal, and plant–herbivore interactions; ecological responses to climate change


Sílvia Castro
University of Coimbra, Portugal (webpage)

Ecology and evolution of flowering plants; plant–animal interactions; reproductive biology; phenotypic selection of floral traits; evolutionary dynamics of diploid-polyploid complexes: origin, maintenance and consequences of genome duplications; conservation of endemic and endangered plants


Katharine Dickinson
University of Otago, New Zealand (webpage)

Plant ecology; plant–vertebrate and plant–invertebrate interactions; mountain ecosystems; community ecology; conservation ecology; ecological impacts of environmental change


Jeffrey S. Dukes
Purdue University, USA (webpage)

Global change ecology; ecosystem ecology; biological invasions


Markus Hauck
Georg August University of Göttingen, Germany (webpage)

Global change ecology; ecophysiology; ecology of epiphytic lichens

Hiscock Picture

Simon J. Hiscock
University of Oxford, UK (webpage)

Plant reproductive biology and speciation; genetics and genomics; pollen–stigma interactions; pollination biology


Heidrun Huber
Radboud University, the Netherlands (webpage)

Evolutionary biology and ecology; plant responses to environmental stresses; mechanisms and consequences of shade and flooding induced plasticity; evolutionary ecology of clonal plants


Kristina M. Hufford
University of Wyoming, USA (webpage)

Restoration ecology and conservation biology; evolutionary ecology; population genetics; adaptation of plant populations to local environments; consequences of ecotypic variation for the long-term sustainability of restored plant populations


University of Delhi, India (webpage)

Community and ecosystem ecology; biological invasions; allelopathy


Abdelbagi M. Ismail
International Rice Research Institute, Philippines

Physiology of crop species; plant responses to environmental stress


Michael B. Jackson
(Founding Chief Editor, 2009–2012) University of Bristol, UK

Plant hormones and development; root-to-shoot communication; plant responses to abiotic stress, especially flooding

Paula Jameson

Paula Jameson
University of Canterbury, New Zealand (webpage)

Developmental plant physiology; plant hormones in growth and development particularly the cytokinins; control of flowering and seed development; plant–microbe interactions


Bao-Rong Lu
Fudan University, China (webpage)

Evolutionary biology and population genetics; conservation biology and genetic resources; gene flow in agricultural systems; ecological consequences of transgenic crops


Xiangcheng Mi
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (webpage)

Forest ecology; community ecology; mechanisms of species coexistence; phylogenetic structure of communities


Patrick Mitchell
CSIRO Land and Water, Australia (webpage)

Ecophysiology; global change ecology; plant water relations and ecohydrology; plant carbon dynamics; impacts of drought and wildfire on forest ecosystems


Mikio Nakazono
Nagoya University, Japan (webpage)

Molecular genetics & physiology; mechanisms of stress tolerance in plants


Takayuki Ohgushi
Kyoto University, Japan (webpage)

Ecology and evolution of plant-herbivore interactions; trait-mediated indirect interactions; multi-trophic interactions; phenotypic plasticity; eco-evolutionary dynamics


Rafael Oliveira
University of Campinas, Brazil (webpage)

Environmental physiology; plant functional ecology; ecohydrology; water use, transport and acquisition mechanisms of tropical tree species and mineral nutrition of wild plants


Colin M. Orians
Tufts University, USA (webpage)

Plant defence against herbivores; chemical ecology; biological invasions; plant responses to environmental variability


F. Xavier Picó
Estación Biológica de Doñana, Spain

Ecology and genetics of plant populations; local adaptation and evolution in plant populations; genetic basis of ecologically and evolutionarily important life-history traits


Francisco I. Pugnaire
Arid Zone Experimental Station, National Research Council, Spain (webpage)

Functional plant ecology; global change biology; population and community ecology; biodiversity conservation; dynamics of competitive and facilitative interactions; influence of soil microbes on plants; agroforestry


Heather L. Reynolds
Indiana University, USA (webpage)

Plant-environment interactions; plant-soil feedbacks; community and ecosystem responses to environmental change; ecological restoration; sustainable agriculture


Renate Scheibe

University of Osnabrück, Germany (webpage)

Photosynthesis; energy metabolism; biochemistry


Chelsea D. Specht
University of California - Berkeley, USA (webpage)

Plant systematics and comparative phylogenetics; evolution of plant development; biogeography and phylogeography; genetics and genomics of plant adaptation


Anna Traveset
Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA, CSIC-UIB), Spain (webpage)

Ecology and evolution of plant–animal interactions; pollination and seed-dispersal networks; biological invasions; influences of global change on mutualisms

Vergeer Photo

Philippine Vergeer
Wageningen University, the Netherlands (webpage)

Evolutionary ecology; conservation biology; plant responses to environmental change; genetic consequences of fragmentation and environmental stresses; influence of environmental and genetic factors on the dynamics of plant populations and the evolution of plant traits

Astrid Volder

Astrid Volder
University of California – Davis, USA (webpage)

Whole-plant stress physiology; root physiology and growth dynamics; climate change; plant gas exchange; managed landscapes


Dennis Whigham
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Edgewater, USA (webpage)

Wetland & woodland ecology; landscape ecology; biological invasions


Joseph H. Williams, Jr.
University of Tennessee, USA (webpage)

Plant reproductive evolution; plant embryology; early angiosperm evolution

Wolf Photo

Diana Wolf
University of Alaska - Fairbanks, USA (webpage)

Evolutionary genetics; evolutionary ecology of plant reproductive strategies; genetics of sex determination; genetic basis of cold tolerance


Rafael D. Zenni
University of Lavras, Brazil (webpage)

Invasion ecology; conservation biology; global change biology; evolutionary ecology; ecological and evolutionary mechanisms driving species and populations range expansions and contractions


Wen-Hao Zhang
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (webpage)

Environmental and molecular physiology; responses and adaptations to mineral stress; messenger molecules and environmental stress

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