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Special Issues

AoB PLANTS is committed to producing high-quality Special Issues each year on a wide range of topics in the plant sciences. Below are details on these Special Issues.

Under development:

Interactions between white-tailed deer and invasive plants in North American forests
Editors: David L. Gorchov (Miami University) and Bernd Blossey (Cornell University)

In progress:

[As a result of the journal's commitment to upload articles as soon as they are accepted for publication, the contents of these newer Special Issues is incomplete. Additional articles will be added as quickly as they become available.]

Using non-model systems to explore plant–pollinator and plant–herbivore interactions
Rupesh Kariyat (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland)

Evolutionary dynamics of tree invasions
Editors: Heidi Hirsch, Johannes J. LeRoux, and David M. Richardson (Stellenbosch University, South Africa)

Previously published:

Island plant biology: celebrating Carlquist's legacy
Anna Traveset (Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies), Donald Drake (University of Hawaii), Christoph Kueffer (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Peter Bellingham (Landcare Research), José Maria Fernández-Palacios (La Laguna University) and Clifford Morden (University of Hawaii)

Using ideas from behavioural ecology to understand plants
James F. Cahill (University of Alberta, Canada)

The role of below-ground processes in mediating plant invasions
Inderjit (University of Delhi, India)

Scaling effects regulating plant response to global change
Editors: Elise Gornish (University of California, Davis) & Sebastian Leuzinger (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)

Plant responses to low-oxygen environments
Editors: Abdelbagi M. Ismail (International Rice Research Institute, Philippines) & Michael B. Jackson (University of Bristol, UK)

Physiology and ecology of halophytes - plants living in salt-rich environments
Editors: Tim Flowers (University of Sussex, UK) & Adele Muscolo (Università Mediterranea, Italy)

Ethylene 2012
Editor: Michael B. Jackson (University of Bristol, UK)

Phragmites australis in North America and Europe
Editor: Dennis Whigham (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, USA)

Plant and Crop Stress
Editor: D.M. Pandey (Birla Institute of Technology, India)

Pollen-Pistil Interactions
Editor: Franz J.M. Harren (Radboud University, Netherlands)

Stress and Survival in Tropical Environments
Editor: Michael B. Jackson (University of Bristol, UK)