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Special Issues

AoB PLANTS is committed to producing a series of high-quality Special Issues each year on a wide range of current topics in the plant sciences. Below are details on our Special Issues that are currently under development as well as those already published.

Scaling effects regulating plant response to global change
Editors: Elise Gornish (University of California, Davis) & Sebastian Leuzinger (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)

Using ideas from behavioral ecology to understand plants
Editor: James F. Cahill (University of Alberta, Canada)

Physiology and ecology of halophytes – plants living in salt-rich environments
Editors: Tim Flowers (University of Sussex, UK) & Adele Muscolo (Università Mediterranea, Italy)

Plant responses to low-oxygen environments
Editors: Abdelbagi M. Ismail (International Rice Research Institute, Philippines) & Michael B. Jackson (University of Bristol, UK)

Life after Arabidopsis thaliana: using non-model species to study species interactions
Editors: Rupesh Kariyat (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland) & Jordan Sinclair (Hokkaido University, Japan)

The role of below-ground processes in mediating plant invasions
Editor: Inderjit (University of Delhi, India)

Previously Published Special Issues:*

* As a result of AoB PLANTS’ commitment to upload articles as soon as they are accepted for publication, the contents for some Special Issues may be incomplete. Additional manuscripts will be added to Special Issues as quickly as they become available.