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Highly Cited Articles from Behavioral Ecology


We are pleased to offer this collection of most highly cited articles, published in 2014 and 2015 by Behavioral Ecology.

Articles included in this collection cover a broad range of subjects, including changing environments, cognition, and animal social networks.

Enjoy free access until 31st May 2016.

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The dynamics of animal social networks: analytical, conceptual, and theoretical advances
Pinter-Wollman, Noa; Hobson, Elizabeth A.; Smith, Jennifer E.; Edelman, Andrew J.; Shizuka, Daizaburo; de Silva, Shermin; Waters, James S.; Prager, Steven D.; Sasaki, Takao; Wittemyer, George; Fewell, Jennifer; McDonald, David B.

Measuring variation in cognition
Rowe, Candy; Healy, Susan D.

Behavioral responses to changing environments
Wong, Bob B. M.; Candolin, Ulrika

Individual personality traits influence group exploration in a feral guppy population
Brown, Culum; Irving, Eleanor

Acoustic communication in a noisy world: can fish compete with anthropogenic noise?
Radford, Andrew N.; Kerridge, Emma; Simpson, Stephen D.

Necessity or capacity? Physiological state predicts problem-solving performance in house sparrows
Bokony, Veronika; Lendvai, Adam Z.; Vagasi, Csongor I.; Patras, Laura; Pap, Peter L.; Nemeth, Jozsef; Vincze, Erno; Papp, Sandor; Preiszner, Balint; Seress, Gabor; Liker, Andras

Toward wild psychometrics: linking individual cognitive differences to fitness
Thornton, Alex; Isden, Jess; Madden, Joah R.

Maternal care provides antifungal protection to eggs in the European earwig
Boos, Stefan; Meunier, Joel; Pichon, Samuel; Koelliker, Mathias

The effect of experimental design on the measurement of mate choice: a meta-analysis
Dougherty, Liam R.; Shuker, David M.

Artificial night lighting rather than traffic noise affects the daily timing of dawn and dusk singing in common European songbirds
Da Silva, Arnaud; Samplonius, Jelmer M.; Schlicht, Emmi; Valcu, Mihai; Kempenaers, Bart

Animal visual illusion and confusion: the importance of a perceptual perspective
Kelley, Laura A.; Kelley, Jennifer L.

Multilevel social organization and space use in reticulated giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis)
VanderWaal, Kimberly L.; Wang, Hui; McCowan, Brenda; Fushing, Hsieh; Isbell, Lynne A.

Do scatter hoarders trade off increased predation risks for lower rates of cache pilferage?
Steele, Michael A.; Contreras, Thomas A.; Hadj-Chikh, Leila Z.; Agosta, Salvatore J.; Smallwood, Peter D.; Tomlinson, Chioma N.

Cortisol in mother's milk across lactation reflects maternal life history and predicts infant temperament
Hinde, Katie; Skibiel, Amy L.; Foster, Alison B.; Del Rosso, Laura; Mendoza, Sally P.; Capitanio, John P.

Socioecology, but not cognition, predicts male coalitions across primates
Bissonnette, Annie; Franz, Mathias; Schuelke, Oliver; Ostner, Julia