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Highly-Cited Articles

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Geophysical Journal International is one of the world's leading primary research journals in geophysics. The journal received an Impact Factor of 2.484 in the 2016 Journal Citation ReportsĀ®. This collection of highly-cited papers published in 2015 showcases the top-quality research from the journal. All papers are freely available to read online until 3 April 2017.

Laboratory-numerical models of rapidly rotating convection in planetary cores
Cheng, J. S.; Stellmach, S.; Ribeiro, A.; Grannan, A.; King, E. M.; Aurnou, J. M.

CM5, a pre-Swarm comprehensive geomagnetic field model derived from over 12 yr of CHAMP, Orsted, SAC-C and observatory data
Sabaka, Terence J.; Olsen, Nils; Tyler, Robert H.; Kuvshinov, Alexey

Summary statistics from training images as prior information in probabilistic inversion
Lochbuehler, Tobias; Vrugt, Jasper A.; Sadegh, Mojtaba; Linde, Niklas

Seismic structure of the European upper mantle based on adjoint tomography
Zhu, Hejun; Bozdag, Ebru; Tromp, Jeroen

Trench migration and overriding plate stress in dynamic subduction models
Holt, A. F.; Becker, T. W.; Buffett, B. A.

Directionality of ambient noise on the Juan de Fuca plate: implications for source locations of the primary and secondary microseisms
Tian, Ye; Ritzwoller, Michael H.

New predictive equations and site amplification estimates for the next-generation Swiss ShakeMaps
Cauzzi, Carlo; Edwards, Benjamin; Faeh, Donat; Clinton, John; Wiemer, Stefan; Kaestli, Philipp; Cua, Georgia; Giardini, Domenico

Multiscale, finite-frequency P and S tomography of the upper mantle in the southwestern Fennoscandian Shield
Kolstrup, Marianne L.; Hung, Shu-Huei; Maupin, Valerie

Basic data features and results from a spatially dense seismic array on the San Jacinto fault zone
Ben-Zion, Yehuda; Vernon, Frank L.; Ozakin, Yaman; Zigone, Dimitri; Ross, Zachary E.; Meng, Haoran; White, Malcolm; Reyes, Juan; Hollis, Dan; Barklage, Mitchell

Scattering of high-frequency seismic waves caused by irregular surface topography and small-scale velocity inhomogeneity
Takemura, Shunsuke; Furumura, Takashi; Maeda, Takuto


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